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T. A. Zufic

T. A. Zufic is an author of the book “Knowing” which outlines the philosophy of higher consciousness that can help people to reduce suffering and get the best out their life, no matter what their circumstances.

She guides people through their life challenges, by helping them to:

  1. make sense of their circumstances;
  2. interpret their life program based on the psychology of higher consciousness;
  3. make their own conscious decisions, from the position of higher consciousness.

Living a life consciously is a skill that can be taught and developed, which can transform a person’s entire life experience to something more meaningful and fulfilling. It opens your eyes to the real world, not “staged reality”.

You can find information about her philosophy of higher conscious living and how it can transform your life in her book, “KNOWING.” For any enquiries about receiving practical guidance for dealing with your personal life circumstances from a higher conscious perspective, please contact Tanya.

Knowing by T.A. Zufic

Knowing by T. A. Zufic

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